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29 Oct 2015 

'Gone Girl': 5 life lessons to be learned from the year's best romantic drama

Warning: If you have not yet viewed the film, Gone Girl, you might not want to read this review in its entirety. At points, some "spoilers" (i.e. plot points from the film) may be revealed, and could potentially ruin your viewing experience.

Gone Girl is the 'chick flick' that really is not a chick flick at all. Quite frankly, at least half of the women who view this movie probably will not like it. To take it a step further, if a man had written the novel that this film was based on, and then later wrote the screenplay for this film, 90% chance, this film would have never been made. If it had been made, feminist groups would be protesting this movie for weeks ... even months. The male novelist and screenwriter would then be publicly branded as a 'woman-hater' and a 'misogynist' for sure. Thank goodness, a woman wrote this film (Gillian Flynn). Gone Girl could be described as 1/3 romantic drama, 1/3 crime-suspense thriller, and 1/3 dark-themed comedy.

Author Esther Vilar had a book published in 1971 entitled, The Manipulated Man. The book was considered extremely controversial at the time (and to a degree, still is), and Vilar received hate mail and even death threats from women who were hardcore feminists. Why did these women hate Vilar and her book so much?

In the book, Vilar basically asserts that the vast majority of women are extremely calculating and highly manipulative. Vilar spells out in her book that deep throat she believes most women 'get over' on men (and society as a whole) by presenting themselves as 'innocent victims' to the big, bad bullies known as 'men.' Vilar goes on to say that many women manipulate men to receive financial favors, to gain employment offers, to get pregnant, and even to get married.

If you were to take the primary themes from Vilar's book, and throw in one part American Beauty, one part The Invention of Lying, one part Body Heat, as well as some of the assertions presented in the books Radical Honesty and The Possibility of Sex, then the end result would more-than-likely be Gone Girl.

Here are 5 takeaway life lessons that this brilliantly written film touches on:

1) When a married man and a married woman experience drama, the general public is always going to first look at the man as the 'bad guy' in the relationship unless some concrete evidence comes forward that proves otherwise

Comment: When Beyonc's sister, Solange Knowles, attacked music mogul Sean Carter a.k.a. Jay-Z in an elevator, what did many people in society say, and particularly women? "He must have done SOMETHING to set her off...." Yet, when suspended NFL football player Ray Rice punched his wife Janay in an elevator, did anyone say or suggest, "She must have done SOMETHING to set him off ..." No. Not hardly.

The movie Gone Girl plays on this fact. Generally speaking, most members of the media as well as most members of society as a whole are always going to give women the benefit of the doubt. Nineteen out of every twenty times.

For married men reading this review: Let me throw a "hypothetical scenario" at you. Let's say you're in a bad marriage. You got caught cheating on your wife, and now she not only resents you for it, but flat-out hates you for it. On top of this, she has been wanting you to get her pregnant, but you have refused for years.

What if this woman ... your wife ... was so hateful and manipulative that she decided to 'fake' her own death, and make it look like you murdered her?

Marinate on that.

Realistically, unless some concrete evidence came forward that proved your wife set you up and framed you for her alleged murder, the general public would assume you actually murdered your wife even if there was no factual evidence available to prove that you were guilty.

This brings me to the second lesson to be learned from the David Fincher-directed film . . .

2) Many women can literally 'get away with murder' if they are intelligent enough, shrewd enough, and bold enough to do it

Comment: Along the same lines as point #1, most women ... and particularly highly manipulative women ... realize that society tends to give them the benefit of the doubt regarding any drama that goes down between them and a man. For example, a woman could agree to consensual sex ... but if she decides later on that the guy she just had sex with is a 'jerk,' she could conceivably fabricate circumstances that would make it look like this man raped or date-raped her (when in reality, he did not).

Again, most members of the general public would probably say, "Yeah ... I believe he raped her. That is just how men are. They are so aggressive and horny." Basically, what the movie Gone Girl asserts, is that when it comes to man vs. woman drama, a woman is going to be "assumed to be innocent until absolutely, positively proven guilty" while the man will be "assumed to be guilty until absolutely, positively proven innocent."

3) The media (and even the Entertainment Industry) has the power to provoke you to like someone ... or dislike someone

Comment: Probably the most underrated sub-plot of Gone Girl is its focus on the power of "media manipulation." It's been known for years that the media can 'make you or break you.' One day, you could be a 'media darling' ... and the next minute, society will hate you. You take Tiger Woods. Tiger was a media darling for a long time. Then, once he got caught cheating on his wife with skanky women, his popularity plunged almost overnight.

Two television series that play into this are ABC's Scandal and Showtime's Ray Donovan. Both lead characters in those two series (Actress Kerry Washington and Actor Liev Schreiber) are paid by their clients to prevent them from accumulating "bad publicity," and in some cases, prevent them from being charged with a crime.

This is why most men and women who are celebrities and generally in the public eye have agents, managers, publicists, and "handlers." These people are hired to make sure that their clients remain "likeable" to the general public. Because if you are an Entertainment Industry celebrity or media personality, how "likeable" you are translates into how much money you will earn.

Even though Nick Dunne (Actor Ben Affleck) is not really a 'celebrity' in the film Gone Girl, once he is accused of murdering his seemingly missing wife Amy a.k.a. "Amazing Amy" (Actress Rosamund Pike), the media starts branding him as a "jerk" and an "unlikeable guy." The main person that prevents him from sinking too low in the 'court of public opinion and social media' is his lawyer, Tanner Bolt (Actor Tyler Perry).

What the movie Gone Girl highlights in a subtle manner is that if you are perceived as "likeable" by the general public, people do not really care if you have flaws and weaknesses in your personality, or if you have done a few wrong things in your life. On the flip side, once you are branded as an "unlikeable" person, no one will want to associate with you even if you are truly a good, quality person who generally treats people right behind closed doors.

4) Many married couples are not necessarily 'real' and authentic with each other when they first connect romantically

Comment: For the last fifteen or twenty years, there has always been this urban slang phrase that went mainstream that says, "I am just keepin' it real." The reason why that phrase is used so frequently, and why it is so popular, is because most human beings are not real, raw, and authentic with each other. Dr. Brad Blanton, author of Radical Honesty: How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth emphatically points this out his best-selling book. Dr. Blanton says in his book that behavior that is dishonest, disingenuous, duplicitous, and manipulative has become more or less "acceptable" in mainstream society, and that most people view such forms of behavior as "normal." Dr. Blanton goes on to say that when you are a man or woman who is bluntly honest, extremely sincere, and possess no 'phony' and/or manipulative tendencies about you whatsoever, you will typically be viewed as "weird" or "controversial."

If a nickname could be given to the movie Gone Girl, an alternative title would be "Public Faades." Not only do people who only know each other casually and socially tend to present a number of public faades to each other, but even men and women who are involved with each other romantically and sexually tend to do the same thing.

If you are a woman reading this, how many times have you told one of your girlfriends a comment along the lines of, "That one guy I dated a few years ago was so nice to me when I first met him ... but then, after we had sex a few times, he started acting like a jerk!" The reality is, that guy did not just 'suddenly' become a 'jerk.' What that guy did was present you with a believable faade that you bought into, and he used that faade for days, weeks, or months until he got what he wanted from you (casual sex).

If you are a man reading this, how many times have you told one of your male buddies a comment along the lines of, "Man, I have to be honest ... my wife is nothing like the woman who I met years ago. When I first met her, she was so sweet, sensuous, feminine, and submissive. Now, she is just a straight up argumentative bitch who tries to emasculate me at every opportunity." Again ... that wife of yours did not just 'suddenly' change her behavior. She just waited to reveal who she really was all along. If a woman wants you to marry her really, really badly ... and wants to get pregnant by you really, really badly ... she will put on an "acting performance" that will last for weeks, months, or even years. Once that woman gets what she wants (e.g., a wedding ring on her finger, a child in her womb, etc.), then she will feel like she is free to reveal to you the person who she really is and really was all along.

Gone Girl highlights this fact. In the film, Nick and Amy Dunne presented each other with faades of their real selves. It was not until years into their marriage where they began to slowly, but surely reveal to each other who they really were at their core. This type of scenario plays out in households all over the country on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis among married and unmarried couples.

5) Just because you are a man with an expensive house, an expensive car, a great career and a large bank account does not mean that you are going to attract women who have a genuine interest in you

Comment: If you are a man, and you have read many of the previous articles in this column, you should know that being wealthy, having a successful career, and owning a lot of material possessions is highly overrated when it comes to attracting a woman who is genuinely interested in sharing your company in a romantic and/or sexual manner.

Without giving away too many more of the captivating and intriguing plot points of Gone Girl, there is a sub-plot toward the latter part of the movie that highlights this fact. Surely, there are women who will not hesitate to "use" a man and manipulate a man in order to secure financial assistance or support from him. No doubt about that. This is why you have 'gold digger' types and "Sugar Babies" that exist in society. The harsh reality is, if a woman is not attracted to you ... she is just not attracted to you. Even if you win twenty million dollars in the lottery tomorrow, that woman is still not going to develop any genuine interest in dating you or having sex with you. Again, she may pretend to be interested in you in order to take advantage of your financial generosity, but other than that, no amount of money is going to create a sincere interest on her part.

I applaud Hollywood for producing and distributing Gone Girl. Let's be real: There have been dozens, if not hundreds of films that highlight the dark side of men in their romantic and sexual relationships with women, but only a handful of movies have been made over the years where the woman is more so the "bad guy" in a relationship or marriage (see previous article).

This film should be required viewing for any single, engaged, or married man who is nave enough to buy into the belief that "all women are sweet, innocent, beautiful creatures" who can do no wrong. The reality is, there are 'good' men in society ... and there are 'bad' men in society. There are women with great moral character and integrity ... and there are women who are super scandalous, conniving, venomous, vindictive, and extremely manipulative.

No movie that has been released in 2014 points out these facts more than Gone Girl. Kudos to Ms. Flynn, Ms. Pike, Mr. Fincher, and everyone else associated with this brilliant film.

Gone Girl is currently playing in theaters; Check your local theaters for showtimes

Alan Roger Currie is the author of a number of books, including Mode One: Let the Women Know What You're REALLY Thinking and Oooooh . . . Say it Again: Mastering the Fine Art of Verbal Seduction and Aural Sex. Currie's latest eBook, The Possibility of Sex: How Naive and Lustful Men are Manipulated by Women Regularly is also available exclusively on in their Kindle format. You can also download a copy of Currie's eBook on your iPhone, Android Smartphone, or other Smartphone. Starting with Monday, August 4, 2014, you might be eligible to download a FREE copy of the audiobook version of 'Mode One' on CLICK HERE for more details.

Upfront & Straightforward with Alan Roger Currie, the most-listened to talk radio podcast program in the category of "Romance" and "Self-Help for Relationships" on the BlogTalkRadio Internet Radio Network, can be heard LIVE every Thursday evening at 10:00pm EST / 7:00pm PST. Visit and for more details

Currie offers email, telephone, and Skype consultations to both men and women; Visit to purchase an Email consultation or Skype / Telephone consultation.

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10 Feb 2015 

best online nsa dating service 37

The way to Find the top On-line Nsal Dating Service for you!

Using the taboo of on-line Nsal Dating now fully gone in the Usa, the amount of on-line Nsal Dating solutions on the market is daunting. How does anyone find the top online Nsal Dating service for them? Initial point to bear in mind is that the "best on the web Nsal Dating service" might not be the "best online Nsal Dating service for you". There is a distinction. Heres a couple of factors to bear in mind as you look for the top on the internet Nsal Dating service.

Some Nsal Dating services charge a monthly fee, some are free of charge, some have levels of membership with particular strata like "premier" or "gold" members. The implications of this are subtle but exist. For instance, take into account that totally free on the internet Nsal Dating Adult personal San Diego services attract people that do not want to pay any money to locate you. If they will not devote any funds there, whos to say no matter whether theyll devote any income to show you a superb time? On the flip side, if monetary matters are not critical to you, youll be able to stay away from paying over $30 a month for the pleasure of taking a look at profiles that may possibly not even match up to what you might be searching for. For those web sites which have diverse levels of subscription, beware. These websites normally turn into different castes of individuals based on if someone is actually a "gold star" member or not. If that does not bother you, or should you like cliques (high college all over again!) these internet sites might be for the best online Nsal Dating service for you personally.

Now that there is an increasing number of Nsal Dating solutions, theres increasingly far more specialized Nsal Dating services. Possibly the most effective on the web Nsal Dating service for you is one particular in which theres only people you share comparable beliefs or interests with. This can range from solutions for gay and lesbian or religious groups.

When youve narrowed down your search for the most effective on the web Nsal Dating service for you personally, theres a few far more steps you can take. Most paid-subscription sites provide free trial periods. Use that to discover if the web site is truly the one for you. But remember it really is a trial period and that should you be unsatisfied you can cancel - but do not expect the Nsal Dating service to cancel it for you! If you do your preliminary searches, ensure members live close to you.

If youre nonetheless overwhelmed, know that youll find now web sites that rank the top on-line Nsal Dating service, based on votes by regular internet people like me and you. No matter how you find it, understand that the best on the internet Nsal Dating service is around waiting for you!

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08 Feb 2015 

The Advantages And Downsides Of Online Dating

On the internet dating is gaining in reputation all the time and is becoming much more accepted. Online dating is actually a secure and sensible way for people enthusiastic about a lengthy term connection to obtain to know one one more.

Certainly the concept of on-line dating is extremely different from how couples have traditionally dated. In the world of dating by means of the computer the dinner and movie becomes hours of online chat and possibly some shared net cam time.

Youll find numerous internet sites available to people hunting to locate somebody for a web-based dating knowledge. These websites differ from a single yet another in several techniques and it s critical ahead of you sign up with a single to know just what theyre offering to you.

In the event you do a search for dating on-line you ll find that you will find a lot of websites that claim to be free of charge. They provide people the opportunity to post a profile plus a picture in the hopes of connecting with somebody enthusiastic about receiving to know them better.

Though online dating actually began with these free web sites, they do have drawbacks. These drawbacks should be meticulously regarded as prior to someone reveals as well significantly of themselves.

Certainly one of the drawbacks is the fact that many of the free on-line dating web sites don t have the sources available to screen absolutely everyone who joins. This means that in the event you sign up in search of an internet dating Female escorts Phoenix companion that they cannot assure who you happen to be speaking with. The profile may possibly study completely diverse than the actual person behind the keyboard. If you are significant about locating a mate than this kind of web site might lead to far more heartbreak than anything else.

A great alternative to the free of charge on the internet dating sites will be the spend sites. These web sites charge a fee for members to join and look for a possible paramour. The identity from the person is authenticated so other individuals can rest assured that they are really corresponding with who they think they are.

Any good quality on-line dating site, whether or not cost-free or not, must ensure that they will hold your identifying data confidential until you decide to share it; this is essential to maintain in thoughts. If a web site does not possess a privacy policy in spot you d do effectively to not handle them at all.

Most on-line dating websites will give their consumers numerous alternatives when it comes to contacting other members theyre enthusiastic about. Members will have to pick a screen name upon joining that is the way other members whore enthusiastic about dating them can determine them by. This screen name will also be used as element of an internal e mail system that members can then use to speak to each other.

In addition, most online dating internet sites, also offer you their members a adjust to work with an instant messaging plan which permits them to communicate more than the personal computer in real time. That is extremely considerably like having a conversation by way of the computer s keyboard.

On the web dating has led to some genuine time marriages. It s an excellent way to meet and understand about new and fascinating folks. In case you believe online dating is for you personally then study several of the offered services, then sign up and get ready to get a brand new adventure in dating.

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03 Feb 2015 

Dating Ideas Service On the web

Are you hunting into techniques of the way to possess a effective first date? Are you about to take a woman/man out for the first Click At this website time? Are you about to go on a date for the first time in years and feel that you are out of touch with what's anticipated? This article is all about dating providing guidelines and tips aimed at assisting people who may have answered yes to one particular or far more in the above inquiries.

There has been a lot of various type of dating internet site on the internet for many years now, possibly since the web was began in reality. They advise concerning the type of subjects to speak about, the varieties of garments to put on as well as a variety of ideas of where the actual date must or could take location.

Other sorts of dating site give individuals the opportunity to find their ideal partner. This may be by viewing a number of pictures and reading different peoples profiles. There is then the possibility to e-mail and also telephone a person of interest. From right here needless to say comes the initial date or meeting.

Many folks have met their future husband/wife in this way and these form of dating sites are likely to become around for a lot of years to come. There is certainly now yet another quite scary kind of dating internet site on the internet. On this site preceding partners of men and women can share their views on their past enjoy. This in a way is really a kind of warning to other people who might be thinking about beginning a partnership with this person.

I've numerous buddies who've effectively met people through a variety of types of dating web site. They really feel that this way of meeting somebody can be a lot less hassle than consistently going to bars and wanting to uncover a partner within this way. These girls are not in truth the actual sort of individual they are after in any case. They like the fact that they're able to try to get to know the particular person by means of e-mail or phone before they have to agree to meet them.

As for the first date itself, this can be an extremely daunting knowledge for some individuals. This really is exactly where a dating tips service can prove to be invaluable as the suggestions given could be of great benefit. The data offered comes from attempted and tested preceding profitable experiences of dating, data which should also prove to be productive once more.

A single factor I always say to people is always to just go available and enjoy oneself. Some you will win, some you will no doubt lose. At the finish from the day all we are able to do of course is usually to give it our best shot. Very good luck.

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29 Jan 2015 

Improve Dating- Resolve Quizzes

Every one of us who are attempting to date has many queries. All center on one widespread question- how do I enhance my dating final results? This aim raises a lot of inquiries. What is your dating character? Are you currently liked by the opposite sex? Do you appear lovable? Do you know about online dating? Do you realize about preparing your online profile? How do you create emails? What is your dress style? What is the first impression you leave? Do you realize how to chose a dating partner? How do you behave on a date and so on?

Dating is each an art along with a science. With appropriate guidance, you could locate answers to a lot of inquiries. For which you have to study articles, speak to pals and believe. What if we put thinking as the first priority? Consider almost everything yourself and try to get answers yourself. Which will make you alert to several issues and equip you with fast intelligence to manage each and every scenario. Which will also raise queries within your thoughts such as- why do I want to date this specific individual? What if he/she just isn't correct for me? How do I find out that prior to asking to get a date?

Quizzes that are devised about the topic of dating, really like and personality do precisely that. Please believe me that no quiz will ever offer you the right answer. You're an incredibly complicated individual and no concerns can discover precisely about you. However they can serve a fantastic purpose. The questions can offer you tips. The inquiries of a quiz will make you feel. Keep in mind unless a query is asked, you will not consider in the answer. So attempt as many quizzes and tests as it is possible to on dating, love and personality. Study the questions and think of them. After your mind starts active considering, you are going to get clues to numerous of your queries automatically.

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